Full Disclosure Movement – Mission Statement

  • Full Disclosure Movement (FDM) is a website whose sole purpose is to responsibly unite groups and organisations around the world and to facilitate communication among them, with the aim of educating people to the truth – that Extraterrestrial Intelligent Beings exist.
  • FDM asks “We, The  People” to lead until our leaders follow, in seeking the knowledge of ETs that has been hidden from us since the 1940’s; it’s time for full disclosure.
  • FDM’s Mission is simple: it is to support and raise global human awareness that we are not alone in the Universe.


Terms of Reference

  1. We, the FDM administrators, are a group of four people. We do not institute any policy or take any action unless we have majority consensus.
  2. Our intent will always be good, in the sense that we will always anticipate friendly interaction with our fellow citizens of the Universe, both of this world and beyond.
  3. The primary purpose of  FDM is to help unify like-minded groups and individuals into a networked movement to encourage free flowing communication among administrators from groups, organisations and individuals and support them to facilitate action.
  4. The Administrators of this website reserve the right to determine, modify or extend the parties from whom disclosure is sought, as well as the core messages for its campaigns. Input from affiliated groups and individuals will be invited.
  5. This site is politically neutral, in the sense that it does not discriminate among political parties, movements or systems. It does not support any politically motivated comment or action.
  6. Any group, or individual that supports full disclosure will be welcome to affiliate with this portal and participate in the FDM.
  7. The Administrators of FDM reserve the right to remove the right of access to this portal if any affiliate is judged to be non-compliant with the above Terms of Reference.
  8. As we move forward and resources permit, the Mission of this portal and its related Terms of Reference, may undergo revision and/or extension.
  • You may contact us directly through our Contact Us page.